About Callio Lab

Callio Lab is a new environment for underground research and other activities. The laboratory is located in the Pyhäsalmi Mine which is a copper and zinc mine. It is the oldest operating mine in Finland and the deepest active hard rock mine in Europe with the depth of 1444 metres.

Callio Lab is a part of the Callio Pyhäjärvi concept, which is a globally unique multidisciplinary operating environment. It offers a diverse range of opportunities for success for new and innovative projects and established operators seeking new horizons alike, as well as for training and R&D.

The infrastructure of the mine is excellent for various physics experiments due to the large rock overburden, but it can also serve other fields of sciences, offering unique facilities and a wealth of opportunities for a variety of scientific and commercial purposes.


Team of scientists conducting addiotional natural background radiation measurements at @CallioLab for the @BalticRegBSUIN One of the key aspect in underground facility characterisation is to understand the intensities of natural background radiation. @UniOulu #UniOulu_KSI pic.twitter.com/6p0fRaT6aW

Thank you for the Particle Physics Division of the Finnish Physical Society for the opportunity to present the current status of @CallioLab and the vision for 2025 at the #ParticlePhysicsDays in Helsinki on the 7.11.19. "There is a future for underground science" @Fyysikkoseura