Access to Location

Callio Lab is located in Pyhäjärvi, Finland. It is easy to reach by any means whether arriving with your own car, bus or by train. For international visitors airports of Oulu, Jyväskylä, Kuopio, Kajaani and Kokkola are the nearest airports. If travelling from or via Russia the easiest way to arrive is by train to Pyhäsalmi

Sending heavy or large components or bulk materials is easily arranged. There is a railway connection all the way onto the mine area.

Connections to Callio Lab


Pyhäjärvi is easy to reach by car. It is located in the intersection of interstates E4/E75 and VT27. To find the Pyhäsalmi mine just follow the sign labeled “KAIVOS”. Address for navigational services is “Mainarintie 2, Pyhäsalmi”.

It takes only two hours by car from the cities of Oulu, Jyväskylä, Kuopio and Ylivieska. From Helsinki-Vantaa airport it takes only five hours by car.


If you want to reach us by train, choose Pyhäsalmi as your destination. For Russian visitors just take the train from St. Petersburg to Kouvola, change to train going to Iisalmi and there take a train to Pyhäsalmi.

Finnish national railways VR

If you want to reach us by bus, your possible destinations are Pyhäsalmi, Pyhäsalmi th and Pyhäsalmi ABC.

Finnish Bus services by Matkahuolto</

Possible airports are located in Oulu, Kokkola, Jyväskylä, Kuopio and Kajaani. All the airports are only a two-hour drive away from the lab.



Super big news for Pyhäjärvi! The pumped hydro storage plant is going forward. €26.3 million investment support for Finlands Energy Storage Ltd.… #PPHES #CallioPyhajarvi #EPVenergia #PyhasalmiMine #FinlandsEnergystorage #energiatuki #NorthOstrobothnia

Kohta se alkaa. Voiko tätä syödä? Ohjelma jossa on nuriseva kokki ja innosta tärisevä tiedemies matkalla ruoantuotannon tulevaisuuteen ja mahdollisuuksiin. Osa toimii, osa ei. #voikotätäsyödä? #yleareena Retweeted by Callio Lab

What do you expect to see at the depth of 1.5 km? Physicists filling the #underground Lab 2 of @CallioPyhajarvi with their instruments. The research is done as a part of @BalticRegBSUIN project. #BSUIN @UniOulu @uniofjyvaskyla @baltic_sea_prog @Moedas #interreg #BSR #BSI Retweeted by Callio Lab

Researchers show example in #recycling: instead of having everything new and costly the EMMA cosmic ray experiment uses of detectors from former experiments at @CERN #LEP_DELPHI & @KITKarlsruhe KASCADE #ResearchImpactEU @CallioLab @UniOulu @uniofjyvaskyla Retweeted by Callio Lab

Henrika Pihlajaniemi is excited to have 'real life laboratory' studying new #adaptivelighting and #intelligentlighting in underground environment. @CallioLab #researchcommunity @UniOulu @ouluschoolofarchitecture@GTK_FI #undergroundscience

"#ResearchInfrastructures should always have a #RegionalDevelopment point of view." A quote from Panu Jalas, project leader of @BalticRegBSUIN at @CallioLab #researchcommunity meeting at @GTK_FI Espoo. #ResearchImpactEU #interreg @baltic_sea_prog @INTERREGTweets @EUSBSR Retweeted by Callio Lab

Marcos de Paiva Buenos gave us details on their plans for mining related training. #MineTrain @CallioLab @CallioPyhajarvi @OuluMiningSchool @GTK_FI #researchcommunity #undergroundscience .

Lasse Ahonen presents Energy Mine project in Callio Lab Research Community Workshop. @CallioLab @UniOulu @GTK_FI #undergroundscience #geothermal

Ready for Callio Lab Research Community Workshop in Otaniemi tommorrow? @CallioLab @UniOulu @GTK_FI #undergroundscience