Training trip pre- Covid-19 to BSI in Latvia


As part of the BSUIN collaboration, Callio Lab has had the opportunity to conduct gamma-ray spectra measurements of different materials using the HPGe-spectrometer on loan from Baltic Scientific Instruments. In the beginning of March, before Covid-19 posed travel restrictions, project manager Joutsenvaara and research assistant Puputti attended a three-day training program at the Baltic Scientific Instruments facility in Riga, Latvia. The purpose of this trip was to train the Callio Lab operators to conduct the HPGe-spectrometer calibration and spectra analysis themselves, as well as how to safely power-up the detector after a period of downtime. The HPGe-spectrometer in use in Callio Lab must be calibrated regularly, and this has previously required a BSI employee to travel on-site to conduct the calibration.