Active Projects

The Research, Development and Innovation projects in Callio Lab include

Baltic Sea Underground Innovation Network

The Baltic Sea Underground Innovation Network (BSUIN) project aims to make the underground laboratories in the Baltic Sea region more accessible for innovation, business development and science by improving the information about the underground laboratories, the operation, user experiences and safety.

The BSUIN consortium has 14 members from eight Baltic Sea countries and it is co-ordinated by Kerttu Saalasti Institute of the university of Oulu. Six underground labs are looking for new collaboration in the project. BSUIN is funded by EU Baltic Sea Region Interreg program under the prioirity area Capacity for Innovation.

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Oulu School of Architecture is conducting an intelligent lighting pilot study in Callio Lab as a part of the BSUIN project’s activities


Plant production in Mine

In the experimental project Plant Production in Mine underground farm of Natural Resources Institute of Finland makes use of production environment and technology built by Pyhäjärven Kehitys Oy in Underground Infrastructure in Pyhäsalmi Mine project. The production and marketing of special crops with technologies that can be utilized in underground environments have also been identified as a region’s major potential for growth.  The experimental production of plants aims to learn how plant production can be carried out in the mine and what kinds of plants are best suited for underground environment.

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MINETRAIN – Economic Study and Implementation of open education and research

The project MINETRAIN aims to develop an advanced level training programme for mining industry professionals. The approach is to provide a holistic view of the whole mine lifecycle, as well as opportunities to test both skills and mining equipment in an actual deep mine site. The project will also assess the viability of using a closing mine for such novel, high quality teaching for professionals and students. The novelty of the training is that it combines multi-disciplinary perspectives with practical hands-on experiences in a deep mine site, using state-of-the-art equipment. Minetrain is an EIT – Raw materials project and it is co-ordinated by the Oulu Mining School


Energy Mine

The project Energy mine is researching the geothermal energy potential of Pyhäsalmi mine and innovative technologies to capture the energy from a deep mine as well as to investigate the commercial potential to utilise the energy. The project is led by Geological Survey institute of Finland together with Kerttu Saalasti Institute. The project is funded by European Regional Development Funds and supported also by Pyhäsalmi Mine Oy and the city of Pyhäjärvi

Past Projects

#CallioPyhajarvi nostaa 👍 Sitran tilaamalle raportille McKinsey konsulteilta ameriikasta. Energianvarastointi on tärkeää Suomen ilmastotavoitteiden saavuttamisessa. #PPHES’lle tilausta - nyt tarvitaan rohkeita toimia!… #PyhasalmiMine #Energystorage

Vesivoimaan perustuvaa ympäristöystävällistä säätövoimaa voidaan lisätä @CallioPyhajarvi’n Suomen suurimman #PPHES energiavaraston avulla tulevaisuudessa. Faktat: 75MW teho ja 530MWh / 7h varastokapasiteetti - kuka muu muka? #PyhasalmiMine…

What do you expect to see at the depth of 1.5 km? Physicists filling the #underground Lab 2 of @CallioPyhajarvi with their instruments. The research is done as a part of @BalticRegBSUIN project. #BSUIN @UniOulu @uniofjyvaskyla @baltic_sea_prog @Moedas #interreg #BSR #BSI Retweeted by Callio Lab

Toivo Susi #74100 haki Soundia ja inspiraatiota @CallioPyhajarvi’n syvyyksistä. Meillä tehdään tieteellisen tutkimuksen ja TKI-töiden lisäksi myös messevää musiikkia! #PyhasalmiMine #ToivoSusi