From Mine to Underground Rescue environment


Elinvoimaa syvyyksistä! Kerttu Saalasti seminar was held on the 29th of October in Pyhäsalmi Mine at a depth of 1.4 kilometers. Possibilities for reuse of the closing mine were explored. During the seminar guests were offered a visit to the underground facilities of the mine. The seminar was attended by entrepreneurs, researchers and politicians, among others.

During the event, the present state of the mine and mine-related projects were discussed and the experiences of the entrepreneurs working in the mine were heard as well. The Underground Rescue project, presented by Pyhäjärvi Callio representative Mr. Sakari Nokela, aims for an underground training and development environment for Pyhäsalmi Mine. Hundreds of kilometers of tunnels, underground spaces, halls and slopes offers great environments for training, rescue activities, hazard identification as well as technology testing and training. According to Mr. Nokela, companies have a strong need for underground rescue and safety training facilities.