Facilities and infrastructure




The mine has lot of available spaces/caverns at several depths all the way to the main level at  1400 meters.

Underground facilities includes e.g.
– parking lots
– electrical repair workshop
– equipment washing lane
– workshops for equipments
– material storages
– safety area / fresh air supply area
– telecommunication room
– a kitchen and lunch room
– washrooms
– a sauna
– showers

Surface facilities on the industral area include e.g.
– warehouses
– workshops
– laboratory and sample preparations
– parking places
– a railway yard
– a helipad
– offices
– a canteen and residential area.
– guest houses
– a quarry

If required, new and even huge laboratory spaces can be created. The suitability of the bedrock for new and even large caverns around the mine was studied and emphasized in the extensive site investigations during 2012-14.

The new laboratory space (~120 m2) has been developed at the main level of the mine – at 1430 metres. The laboratory is suitable for example studies which requires low background.



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