Current Underground Research Facilities

There are currently four research facilities in the mine. Each facility is equipped with 230 VAC/50 Hz and with access to industrial multiphase power sockets (400 VAC). For safety there is two-way radio connection and gigabit optical network with subnet and VPN possibilities. The naming of the  facilities is based in the order of introduction.




Lab 1 is 75 meters underground and it is reachable from the surface in 5 minutes by car. Lab hosts EMMA experiment which measures the composition of cosmic rays (the abundance of common nuclei in the Universe). The experiment is built in the caverns of 75 m and extension has been built at the level of 45 m. The main system and the extension are connected through a drill hole connection to provide electricity and optical network cable for both data transfer and for triggering. Conditions at both levels are harsh (average temperature 9±2  C and relative air humidity 100%) but all the detectors and instruments located inside dedicated farming plywood stations.



Lab 2 is built in an old exploration tunnel at the depth of 1430 meters. This is currently the deepest located Lab and is only ten meters above the bottom of the mine. The Lab consists of entrance and experimental halls both 120 m2. There is a concrete floor and shotcreted walls and roof. Extra rock stability is achieved through additional 4 km of rock bolts installed into the rock. The Lab can be reached from the main level in 5 minutes by car and from the surface in 10 minutes using the elevator down to main level and then by car. The experimental hall hosts currently C14 experiment which takes only 10 m2 thus leaving additional 100 m2 for other users. Temperature on average is 26 C and RH is 55-65%.



Lab 3 is located at the depth of 990 meters. The Lab 3 is based on the existing infrastructures at the level. At this level there has been tests for mushroom growing, radon barriers and latest building information model tests. The Lab 3 can be reached from the surface by car in 30 minutes and from the main level in 10 minutes.




Lab 4 consists currently of two underground greenhouses. The greenhouses are equipped with fully automated hydroponic nutrition delivery systems. The site oversight is provided by Natural Resources Institute Finland. The location for the Lab 4 was selected based on the optimal surrounding temperature of 16 degrees Celcius. This stable temperature could be found at the depth of 660 m.  The greenhouses can be reached from the surface by car in 20 minutes.



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