Construction of New Sites


Callio in the Pyhäsalmi mine has to offer tens of kilometers of tunnels which can be turned into research infrastructures. This has been already done at 75 meters (instruments have their own housing), 660 meters (greenhouses built inside old service caverns) and in at 1430 meters where old tunnel end was turned into experimental hall.

If more specific conditions and sizes are required the option would be to excavate new cavern to meet the requirements. The surrounding bedrock has been carefully studied by the mining company and detailed analysis were done during the Laguna Design study and Laguna LBNO projects how vast caverns could be safely excavated deep underground 1 400 meters. New locations can also be excavated at shallower depths.


Define your needs and specifications.



Together with the experts from Callio design and optimize your plans.


Construction- photo by W.H.Trzaska

Based on your requirements and designs a proper installation can be achieved.

Research photo by j.joutsenvaara

And finally, it is time for research

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