Environment and conditions


        The current maximum depth of the mine is 1444m.


    Visiting hours are every day from 5 am – 22 pm.


    Good air quality is ensured via a continuous and maintained fresh air supply from above ground.


       The humidity and temperature vary from level to level. The maximum temperature at the main level (1410) is 25 degrees Celsius. Humidity between levels can range from 50-100%. It is important to note however, that the temperature and humidity at a certain level stays stable.


     To facilitate safe passage around the mine via tunnels, driving routes are maintained daily.


    The main level, tunnels, and research facilities are fortified by rockbolts, iron netting, and shotcrete.


    Microseismic monitoring, as well as real-time monitoring and warning of harmful gases, are the key in providing a safe environment for all.







Team of scientists conducting addiotional natural background radiation measurements at @CallioLab for the @BalticRegBSUIN One of the key aspect in underground facility characterisation is to understand the intensities of natural background radiation. @UniOulu #UniOulu_KSI pic.twitter.com/6p0fRaT6aW

Thank you for the Particle Physics Division of the Finnish Physical Society for the opportunity to present the current status of @CallioLab and the vision for 2025 at the #ParticlePhysicsDays in Helsinki on the 7.11.19. "There is a future for underground science" @Fyysikkoseura