Access to Services

Access to Underground Facilities

The facilities can be accessed via Timo shaft and the decline. Elevator goes to the bottom of the mine, to 1440 meters, by using the Timo shaft. The journey to the main level takes just 3 minutes, and there is room for up to 20 persons in the cage.


You can also use decline to go to different levels. Journey to main level is 11 km and takes about 30 minutes. The decline access provides a quick and a safe way to transport heavy and/or large objects and bulk materials to the laboratories.


Transportation of materials, and travel from the main level to different laboratories is done by car, truck or lift. Even 20’ sea containers can be transported underground through the incline. Due to the unique challenges presented by a mining environment, operation of vehicles requires mine driving training, which includes demonstrations as well as practical training in the underground environment.




Safety Training

Safety being a top priority, all persons working in the underground locations are required to undergo safety and emergency training. For frequent visitors, lift operation training is also recommended, as you can then use the mine lift independently. All required training are also available in English.


Although English proficiency is very high among staff, in case of an emergency, one person fluent in Finnish is required to accompany a group (or person) when leaving the main level. English and Finnish speaking research assistants are available for this task.



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Henrika Pihlajaniemi is excited to have 'real life laboratory' studying new #adaptivelighting and #intelligentlighting in underground environment. @CallioLab #researchcommunity @UniOulu @ouluschoolofarchitecture@GTK_FI #undergroundscience